Seven Foot Faith (English Edition) por Lemone Lampley

Seven Foot Faith (English Edition) por Lemone Lampley

February 26, 2020

Titulo del libro : Seven Foot Faith (English Edition)
Fecha de lanzamiento : February 13, 2019
Autor : Lemone Lampley
Número de páginas : 73

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Lemone Lampley con Seven Foot Faith (English Edition)

In his new book "Seven Foot Faith" Lemone Lampley discusses how family, his faith, and sports causes him to triumph in some of the most difficult moments of his life. As he ascends every tumultuous step up the seven foot stairwell, he realizes it is leading him to higher ground. Lemone Lampley takes you through this journey of life with him in which his faith is tested leading him ti evolve into the man he has become today. Readers will be able to connect and identify with his faith building steps to success in sports, business, and marriage. The lessons learned in this book will give any man, woman, or child the necessary tools to overcome adversity and reach their ultimate height of faith and success.