Rose Oil por Julia Lawless

Rose Oil por Julia Lawless

April 3, 2020

Titulo del libro : Rose Oil
Autor : Julia Lawless

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Julia Lawless con Rose Oil

Reseña del editor The first part of this book deals with the rich traditional background of the rose, the second deals with the practical application of the oil in perfumery, cosmetics and as a natural remedy, including recipes. Contraportada Often hailed as the 'queen of flowers', the rose has held a prominent place in the mythology of cultures both in the east and west for thousands of years.It is widely recognised as a powerful symbol of sovereignty, love, femininity, beauty and spiritual insight.Today, rose essential oil is as popular as ever, valued highly for both its perfumery and therapeutic uses. Safe, natural and easy to use, this book reveals how it can be used in the home for a multitude of different purposes including:• asthma• cardiac weakness• depression• hangovers• headaches• insomnia• pregnancy• skin care• stressJulia Lawless is a highly respected aromatherapist and author of several books including 'Tea Tree Oil, Lavender Oil' and 'Aromatherapy and the Mind.'