A Handful of Dust por Evelyn Waugh

A Handful of Dust por Evelyn Waugh

February 26, 2020

Titulo del libro : A Handful of Dust
Fecha de lanzamiento : September 24, 2014
Autor : Evelyn Waugh
Número de páginas : 312
ISBN : 0241970555
Editor : Penguin UK

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Evelyn Waugh con A Handful of Dust

'A whole Gothic world had come to grief . . .'

Beautiful Lady Brenda Last lives at Hetton Abbey, a crumbling Gothic monstrosity that is her husband Tony's pride and joy. Bored and restless after seven years of marriage, she drifts into an affair with a worthless young socialite. Abandoning the country for the glamorous yet shallow London scene, Brenda imagines divorce will bring happiness. Instead she and Tony feel lost and isolated - victims of the wreckless times in which they live . . .

'One of the 20th century's most chilling and bitter novels; and one of its best.' Guardian